WEEK 08 - Another week, more music

As springtime is pointing the nose and some of us can spot the trees working hard to prepare the leaves that will make our cities look like paradise again, what would be better then a good old 411VM from 1997 as a start?
Yeah, I miss my board. But the main difference between now and 20 years ago when it was sticking to my fett 7 days of the week, is that I can't miss a day of work for a broken arm, leg, foot, or head. Anyway, more music.

This week, rather then focusing on a record store, felt better to just pick the releases which took most of my attention from a series of record stores, and for once here, from Decks.de. Not the worst online shop let's mean it. They've been doing an outstanding job rain or shine, for vinyl being up or down, and share this passion with us the same way so felt this would be ok even though trying to push physical stores.

Other stores this week will be Unearthed Sounds, and Dublin's All City Records
Definitely more Dub Techno oriented this week, showcasing a good bunch of usual suspects we often see here, not my fault if these guys have that much of an output in terms of great music.

Check out the youtube playlist if your lazy ass or itchy eyes are in pain to read my words expressed with love, passion, and a great sense of "what-the-fuck-antho".


Stojche feat. Rootsman I - Lockdown Chronicles EP (Kontakt) {decks.de}

Kontakt. Again. Yes. Again.
Stojche, which we saw lately here when reviewed one of his that was up and coming at the time (right here ), is providing his first (probably not last) release for Kontakt besides Rootsman I's vocals.
An orange warm way to start the week, in Dub, opening up with Quarantine Dub, which sounds more like music to get out of your house and Dance, then stay isolated.
A heavy, happy, constantly moving piece of music that opens up the record like the doors of heaven open to your soul un judgement day.

 Lockdown Dub on the flipside, showcases a rhythmically more intense piece directed deeper to the dancefloor. Vocals from Rootsman I coming as a cherry on the cake, sitting on such an alive and vibrating rhythmic section.
The record ends with Isolation Dub, presented more on a song format, drowned into super dynamic space fx. You would think we feel isolated in a gigantic space, but you'll realize it really depends on who commands the ship you are travelling with, listening to this.
Fantastic EP.

Malin Genie - Midnight Zero EP (Empam) {All City Records Dublin}

Welcome Empam ! What a class introduction of yourself. A brand new label from the man Himself, planting the seed of a brighter future in wax for your ears to be pleased, and your eyes to follow the dot.
Midnight Zero comes in with a firm step, and the signature slightly swinging sound of Malin Génie guiding a landscape of heavy phasing and noisy elements, all of which when cooked in the pot give the feeling of a piece we could listen to day and night, and night and day again. Infinity reached with simplicity, class and power.
Amon Hen takes off from the ground which was generously and genuinely provided by the first track, for us to wander in altered consciousness, guided by a central dreamy pad gently disturbed by a kick.
Flipside is FAAAAAAAAAST (will you shlow down tommy!) ! Crop is your Deep Techno anthem, the one to keep you warm in the winter and nice and fresh in summertime. Absolutely ageless. The kind of piece to contrast perfectly a hard set, bringing fresh air to an overexcited dancefloor or savagely destroying one that was used to softer pieces.
Vogels van de Esquilijn will finish up the job on a touch of Jazz. Rhythm hasn't calmed down from its excess of coffee, but this ads on to the altitude of the piece and gives a unique feeling to the end of a set eventually.

This one was picked from the shelves of All City Records Dublin

Primal Code - AI Calculator (Kalahari Oyster Cult) {Unearthed Sounds}

Kalahari Oyster Cult, this time reviewed on wax since we're away from Bandcamp for a while now. Welcoming this time Milan's Primal Code for a Dub piece intelligently moving out of our perception of time. 

AI Calculator is the perfect way to introduce you to the logical games that will be played along this EP garnished of space, resonance, breaks, and rhythm madness. 
This very same track will get the remix treatment by one of our favorite artists from Canada : Priori. Giving the original a more repetitive twist by trading the breaks for a 4/4 beat, keeping the lower leg energy vibe going on for the music to dig deeper. A very, very, very intense start for the record.

B1 initiates with Autopilot, and what a start. Probably the classiest Acid track I heard in a while. Deeply rooted, forward thinking, simple, extremely efficient. The essence of Deep music summed up in a track of which the groove invades every possible dancefloor receiving it.
And finally, a very Priori-ish track in my opinion, Mainframe. Soft, clever, even more forward thinking, and even deeper. This EP is probably the very best that was released on this label.

This is one of the three records we picked from the shelves of Unearthed Sounds. A shop we definitely are willing to visit more and share more content from.

Exos - Q Box Remixed (X/OZ) {Unearthed Sounds}

Another day, another Icelandic Dub Techno legend : Exos. And another occasion to speak of a release originally put out on the legendary Thule Records house.
Q Box get a re-edition treatment with remixes from the likes of Lafontaine, Octal Industries, Thor, and Waage.

A double LP telling the story of Dub Techno from beginning to end, getting in the car with Haus I Krukku's Anthemic feeling to defrost the engine, the infinite depth of Attflatt, a somehow house-ish Gegnum Skraargat bringing fresh air to the now pressurized room, to finally arrive at the end of the first record with Spaelt leaving the listener with an impeccable and unstoppable repetitive groove no feet in the world can resist.

That's one Record. The other one, opens up the door to the infamous remixers we mentioned above, giving the opportunity to see the land we have just visited through the eyes of another mind, from another perspective, at the highest level of meaning these words could wish for.

A grand master piece, which stood firmly in front of the test of time for its greatness shines beyond the laws of physics.