WEEK 07 - Yoyaku

This week, what took us there is the long wait and explosion of joy to see Thomas Melchior's Perlon 129 finally being released, which now follow another wait which we hope will not be as long for his album Vulnerabilities to be released hopefully very soon.
But the greatest music can always wait. When it's good, it has no age or expiration date until when you can consume it without a single bit of moderation right? The music from this gentleman has indeed always been the perfect representation of this idea, but still we felt like celebrating this wave of Perlonized music.
This week was particularly hard due to the tremendous amount of good things this shop has in store, not to mention, as said last time, that they have recently decided to give back to the community not only with physical formats, but also by presenting to the world the AZE Digital project, which is showcasing a huge bunch of music which were only available at the physical format.

Enough talking shit. Let's listen to some music.

 Mothership - Bedtime Stories (Minibar)

I need a drink to start with. 
That's a shitty start I know, but besides this dad joke, Minibar seems to want to keep on loading the world, and the worldwide web of their swinging sharp beats.
This time with the combo 
Jakob Seidensticker, Snad and Boronas as Mothership, providing a rock-solid new EP to add to a collection of legendary releases of which you may need two copies.
Starts off with Bedtime Stories, as does every single day bun happily enough, this one is not about you jumping out of bed to walk onto last night's can left on the floor. You'll rather start your day with an endless groove distributed by a genuine heavy beat, tempered by mesmerizing vocals and a spooky atmosphere that should mess with your mind enough to skip work and get a cab for Hoppetosse instead. That'll do for your morning coffee.
Next, we've what I feel is a Pepe Bradock-ish piece, almost perfectly in tune with a reference to the legendary Deep Paris sound, with a twist the size of a bulldozer breaking this depth thanks to a mad swing. This one was my pick from the release.
Flipping the record will enable you to get some more of that deep sound driven by the swing of a sharp beat, as The Appetite exposes its version of the thing, before the explicit rolling snares of Altes Land come to your ears.

Simply massive.

Melchior Productions LTD - Closer (California Dreaming Mix) (Perlon)

Probably have been listening to this one a hundred times. The man responsible for one of the most inventive and highly emotional visions of the Deep spirit is back to the shelves of the most trusted record stores for a warm-up round of greatness before he strikes with an album that seems to be designed to cause serious cheek muscle injuries out of people smiling.

We spoke of mesmerizing vocals in the previous pick, well here we are re-introduced to probably the man whose music owns the Art of playing with them, and messing with your heart and mind. The world melts down as it puts the needle on the record to discover the eponymous Closer (California Dreaming Mix), for those who yet did not listen to it or have the chance to hear a snippet of it. This piece should find itself in an encyclopedia sitting beside the wall of fame of House Music, at the page where we could see explained with a track what would take 700 pages to put into words: how to make a piece of which the softness moves the world, delivering a vision of beauty that would make all the most beautiful sunsets in the enraged and jealous. No need for holidays with this track. An instant reset is given to you here on a piece of music.

To say anything more about this record would be like raping the essence of it with a 6000 years old rusted crowbar, and I feel like I've done enough damage to it applying my humble words to it, so I'll leave you to press play and go get it as fast as you can to hopefully grab a copy. of it.