WEEK 06 - Locked Groove (Strasbourg)

Strasbourg, le pays de la saucisse, et des patates, beaucoup de patates.
Sorry, I have to write in French sometimes. Thankfully in the modern world we have ways to spend a few more minutes on google translate to check whatever I was just saying, and waste more time.
So here I am, with another weekly selection which started with a record coming from Tm Shuffle, as going through the catalog of Vuo Records being absolutely in awe with the amount of good stuff it has to offer. Seeing this store was one of the only seller which I believe is a physical record store, I decided to dig in and get lost only to find the extent of the passion these guys have for a larger then Earth spectrum of Music.
Still, as every week, I decided to follow the usual Ariadne thread of Dub Techno, House, Deep House, and Minimalism in order for ourselves not to end up buying something unusual or even worst, get you addicted to Blues or Jazz as if you do, good luck with your relationship with your account manager...(and life partner !)

Any-fucking-way the sun shines somewhere on Earth, and I'm here to steal some of your time again to talk about great creators we are gifted with everyday, but might have not noticed.


Silver Ash, Tm Shuffle&Monoder : Sunday Dubs (Vuo Records)

There we go. Tm Shuffle again, this time in good company on the same record with Silver Ash and Monoder.
Slightly deeper then what we experienced on Kontakt but of the very same level of quality for sure.
Silver Ash opens up with Sycamore, a syncopated dub machine designed to make you move thanks to a very heavy and dynamic sound for a deep track. An original way to mix the qualities of a Deep House and a Dub track.
 Flip the record and get your rain jacket on, as here comes Storm to quench the thirst for a dance you keep for too long, using murderous stabs and a deadly clap to mark the beat to your memory. Then comes Calm, our pick of the release, an everlasting light, gently moving Dub piece composed of a soothing yet grooving 909ish rhythm, a comfy pad and a few stabs. 

One out of a good number of tasty stuff Tm Shuffle is releasing on his beloved and well brought up Vuo Records imprint. We're conquered!

Planet Love Vol. 1 - Early Transmissions 1991​-​95 (Safe Trip)

Now here we have a magnificent compilation put together by Safe Trip.
After telling us the acclaimed story of the sound of the 80's Italian House music, now it is time for them to explore the sound from which originated the trance movement.
Jesus Christ. I said trance. I'm gonna puke all over my curtains.
Ok Trance may sometimes be something which is far from what we can assimilate it to in fact. And for instance, I have been playing for years this Holy Ghost Inc. piece of beauty without feeling itchy or coming back home with strange rash on my ball sack. What is being achieved here is a state of altered consciousness bathing in hot water right in between a particular form of happiness, and total and complete stillness of mind. This inexhaustible state needs in fact the right amount of repetition, and the right amount of melodic elements (just enough for you to keep your lunch in your stomach), to make it simple, and took its roots at the beginning of the machine only musical era to evolve up to ... sandstorm, for its creators to simply perform the loudest facepalm screaming NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!.
Enough of taking the piss. These guys have made a tremendously beautiful job with this compilation, which deserves to be listened to from beginning to end for several times for you to create mentally the best setup in which you could play these pieces, and build a throne high enough for them to shine as they should. A historical piece, a must have.