WEEK 05 - all over the shop

Riding the winds blowing on our face during the quest to find the best music to play with the sword of Fairness and a shield of Love, I found myself a little out of breath and felt like I needed to spit an entire colony of mosquitos and flies I may have swallowed on the road. Does this all really make sense? To answer that question I had to ask myself again what the purpose of all this was. 
Of course, I would be so much easier to just share records as they come and go and let people sort themselves out to find them. But would the end goal be really what we need? In 10 years time, the idea of finding ourselves deprived of having the possibility to get into a record store and chat, and listen, and share, and laugh even just for 5 minutes is part of a nightmare I would not want to see becoming real, still. Though sometimes, selections of some stores don't necessarily fit my taste, and sometimes there is this particular record which I wish to talk about and I find it hard to make all ends meet and all the voices come to an agreement.

So this week, we'll try out another setup aiming to sharpen the sword of fairness wanting to defend the good cause of valuable Electronic Music, as I'm quite sure we can never be too many people working on this task.

So here, this week instead of sticking to one shop, we're gonna select music from several spots where we normally would go record shopping and will probably keep going this way with the exception of sometimes introducing a couple of records from internet stores if they are absolutely impossible to find in our beloved physical addresses, in order for great music to not be stopped on its way because of one or the other's taste.

I hope you'll enjoy and find happiness through these. As always i've added a youtube playlist to listen to the selection, but you can also visit the Record Stores page from our ressources if you're in need of inspiration or want to change a little from your usual spot and introduce some more variety to your selections.

Fumiya Tanaka - One More Thing (Sundance - Hardwax)

Feeling like going for some of that legendary sharp repetitive groove you been playing for years?
I hear ya. We always need some of that madness for our beloved dancefloors. Good thing is, Fumiya Tanaka has enjoyed these days the possibility to be more active in the studio and is bringing to us a brand new album with his own memorable signature sound on his own imprint Sundance.As always, simply loving the idea of a long play album composed of 1 track for every side. As straight forward for the person playing it as for those recceiving the Music.

Last Grooves literally attacks the dancefloor with the first beats as a way for you to not forget what we are expecting from whoever listens to this record. Hahaha Voices operates from a more intimate and profound perspective to reach out for your soul, and dig deeper then the ocean into th warmth that can be installed with Electronic Music.
Troop Cafe, genuinely named after what used to be one of Japan's top spots, is more of a longer groove to help build pressure in the pot, as is Singers but with a little more intensity thanks to that gimmick messing with your mind.
22th brings back the deepness and warmth we have experienced with Hahaha Voices with a little more intensity added and a more explicit movement building the idea of a more dynamic story within the music, and finally KY  adds the Jazz element to this piece, making it the perfect way to conclude the story you told, as well as the one he did.

As always, stainless steel solid grooves and some decent variations accross the album, and a unique sense of movement with ideas from the beginning being called back at the end of the record. Magic music production skills coupled with subtil story telling, is what you're after in this record.

KSKY/BABAK/XIO/PAK0 - Jam EP Vol 1 (Wax Ninja - Elevate)

Back to Elevate, as Cinthie keeps working harder then ever to bring to us the sharpest selection, and the coolest House beats of her own.

We're here this week with Wax Ninja adding to the House Music wall of fame another piece of beauty.
Particularly, the track that caught our attention was definitely Nine-Ohh-Nine from Moscow's Xio. A magic, driven, elevating piece of heavyweight House Music is here being exposed on this various artist, and has certainly been damaging the soles of a few thousand feet altogether, therefore participating in the success of the Paris Fashion Week to be starting soon (information to be confirmed). We can say here that one more House Classic has been released, taking this music some more steps further down the road.

 Apart from that on the Aside you'll find KSKY going funky, BABAK deeper into Jazz Soul and PAK0 delivering a sunshine piece.
This is available on the shelves of Elevate.