Back to Subwax. One of Barcelona's go to record store and one of the leading distributors of the Electronic Music market.
A sound of their own that could be recognized from the first or second cycle of the 33 rates per minute.
Home for We're Going Deep, Curated By Time, Momo's Basement, Exarde, to name a few, their website is one of the most user friendly of all the physical record stores. 
You may say buying online from an online record shop is like preaching and then walking in to a whorehouse, but I would rather give the money to an established city store working hard to maintain the original spirit that is behind collecting records, then filling the pockets of a warehouse lost in the middle of nowhere who does not necessarily participate to the everyday life of artists.
You think I'm wrong? I'd be glad to discuss.
For now, we have same as last week, 5 picks trying to cover as much as possible the full spectrum of what is offered, with the last one being an absolute House destroyer which is up for pre-order as we speak.
If you fancy just putting music on instead of reading, then the next window will be yours with the youtube playlist.

Spin Fidelity - Gravitational Lensing

 We'll start this week like a feather in the wind, falling from the sky slightly held be the electro-ish break beats from Spin Fidelity.
 An Fm haven offering an extensively deep sense of melody opening up with Harbour Lights, to then embark the listeners into a heavier and more steady groove with Change Is Gonna Come, turning so the EP into a weapon of mass destruction for the Dancefloor as well as for home listening.

 Bside goes in to the Funk a good bit more with the help of a slightly overdriven rhythmic section that will please the survivors of early Detroit Music as well as the fans of English 90s Electro, listening to Fall. Midnight Creep presents a piece that reminds an awful lot of Marco Passarani's 2000 works, wearing a heavy taste of early Electronic Music from beginning to end, displayed following a genuine straight robotic groove driving the entire track and the listener to hypnosis.

Iteration X - Timecheck / Liquid Logic

 A good long-awaited repress from the 2003 debut EP of Simon Coplestone on Rob Pearson's Evasive imprint.
A timeless piece which you already guess is. A record standing firmly in the middle of memorable House pieces from the beginning of the new decade, century, Millenium.

Opening up with Timecheck, the raging peak time mental game made of resonance, percussions, and a heavy Bassline, this piece is an Ode to the heavier style that emerged at the end of the 90s and confirmed its hypnotic capabilities with the help of short vocals and intense use of repetition.
Liquid Logic is probably the one I have heard the most being played due to its Deep aspect made to be played for every possible warm up on earth for as long as time can be counted. Introducing warmth and groove to a venue with this one in hand is the easiest task in the world.

An EP that feels simply complete.

John Beltran - The Cycles EP

Could not resist this release from the man himself, legendary music producer originating from Michigan, known by us all by the name of John Beltran, also spotted under Placid Angles, Sun Gypsy, and a few more.

One of the kings of Deep, bringing again to the world the expression of his rich melodic vision of Electronic Music.

 We begin with Energy Circle and its sharp rhythm piercing through a cloud of screaming stabs creating a tropical rain of melodic elements falling onto the listener, creating an immense amount of tension through a piece that feels like science fiction inviting itself into your speakers. 

The Sun Also Rises trades the intensity and sharpness for softer repetition covering a driving rhythm under a comfortable blanket warm enough to go through a thousand years long winter time, gently moving.
Going Uphill Fast (Hope on the horizon), seals the deal on a definitive Detroit vibe, sort of summarizing what happened along the record, using similar chords as the Aside and the sense of repetition guiding B1.

Presentation, development, conclusion.

Utopia Cloak / The Jaffa Kid - The Imaginary Museum 001

This one wears its name like your hands hold dear the pair of gloves that slightly takes you away from physically freezing your balls out.
Aside : Utopia Cloak serving down tempo with dream like melodies and twisted samples tapping the beat, developing a moving story for the time of three tracks.
Bside : The Jaffa Kid coming in with powerful real drum sample, to then make space for what to me is the wopper in there named Jig Jag Electron. Rhythm goes up here to provide more movement, and electrify a little the dream like ambience which has grown over the record in order to create a climax close to the end of the story. There is no better way to make you want more.

Carago will close the shop with an uptempo track (well, uptempo compared to the rest as I see you might already expect here a 146 bpm hardcore banger) to leave the world with a well deserved dance which we can't have right now, but are more then welcome to dream.