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Synchrophone : Home for the Sound of Paris. If you wanna know what the original Soundtrack of the city in terms of House Music and Techno is, this is a shop you must visit. After around 15 years of heavy action in 11th district of Paris, Synchrophone stands as a Record Store, International Distribution, Party Promoter and Label with multiple subdivisions.

All those tasks are carefully taken care of at 6 Rue des Thailandiers headquarter, in a family atmosphere no one else can equal in the city. This store, is an instantaneous shot of happiness for those who's head is often seen at the window. Except if you're a dick. Cause if you're a dick, you're a dick, and you won't even have a good time with a dessert and a glass of wine after 50 hours of fasting in pissing rain.

Synchrophone is an eclectic shop. Spreading the good words of House Music and Techno primarily, but also Electronica, Hip Hop, Funk, Jazz, Disco. And if you don't know what you want, be prepared to empty your wallet with a smile on your face. How many times was I in the store for just 1 record I saw and got out of there with a bag of new stuff? Almost every time. Seriously, they should even ring an alarm when you come in for safety. Everything in there is high quality. From the moment you step in the door, to the moment you leave.

Synchrophone aims to promote French Music through its label (and subdivisions), distribution and shop. One of their releases on Synchrophone Recordings I've shared already on my post about Music Made In France, was the rework of Dj Deep & Roman Poncet's reworks of Drivetrain's "Soundtrack" but hey, we won't say no to another shot, the Dub Beats this time 


If you're French, you're far from being perfect (you know it already), but you have the opportunity to get to know the lads a little more on these two videos, where Blaise is talking about how he started and gives a handful of advices for beginners right here, while Didier Allyne and John Sill give valuable insights on what to work on if you wanna build a label properly right there.

You don't speak french? You might consider learning now.
Now let's see what we find there.


10 Records Selected With Care At Synchrophone

Trinidadian Deep - Dephts Of Sound

First one proposed, i'm already in. I was already a fan of Trinidadian Deep's stuff since I discovered him in one of Fred P's mixes. No need to say more. His music speaks for itself like nothing else in the world, and it represents quite well my starting point at the shop when I visit, like I did the first time when I picked a Ron Trent record. Also a good way to be introduced to the extent of Synchrophone Records.
Balls Deep is my pick here. This music is eternal. It'll probably survive once the sun eats the Earth and we're all particles floating out in space.


Gil Scott Heron - I'm New Here [10th Anniversary Exp. Edition]

I have a loooooong story and a full bag of heavy memories with Gil Scott Heron (let's be honest, if you don't, you never lived)
Again, trying to showcase a good mind image of the shop, this is a fair choice as a second record, and today's news help us feel how much his messages still need to be spread. 
"Where Did The Night go" will be my pick, for the version on this record but also for this mind blowing edit by the Man himself.



Priori - Scn Ep

Record of the month in terms of Dub / Dub House / Dub Techno. As simple as that. I'd say it's timeless, but you'll think I repeat myself.
What I love in this record is its sense of identity. You are clearly not feeling like the same person after listening to this. It sounds as true as the words of a child. Definitely the best record from The Montréal guys of Dustworld.
The entire record is my pick here.


Deepspace - Welcome to Nakanotroit

One of the big reasons to come to Synchrophone : their incredible stock of deadly repress. Old school, prolific newcomers, classics, don't look any further, you have it there! Here you witness the connection between Detroit and Japan. Of course this had to happen as one pioneered the manufacture of all the greatest machines the other used to create the world of House Music and Techno. A rather deep record, raw up to taste, pretty much something for a lot of different situations there. A record I would gladly play at home during one of my sunday listening sessions. A Proper heart warmer and mind expander.


S.o.n.s - Shin-Okubo One Night Stand

We might stay a little longer, as it often happens in there, on the Detroit topic, moreover on the Detroit-Japan axis. A wee bit more samples this time. And a record that is deeper into the rhythm.
My pick here, if I'm able to chose one, is "Lifetime (Odyssey 1 mix). A track to keep as a mood setting, or the end of a set. Totally timeless.


Porn Sword Tobacco - 2017

As an infinite fan of Porn Sword Tobacco, I could not just get away without picking this one. To me this guy is the representation of repetition and psychedelism, with an intense deepness all together in the same package, always, on every record. Rather deep or rather dancefloor, the same sound signature applies on every single one of his records and it happens to catch my attention the most out of all the artists I buy records from. Here, we go for the chill, the atmosphere, not forgetting any time this swedish groove you'll fall in love with. A record you'll probably buy with a plastic sleeve to keep it safe along the years to come. Track 3 could have been an inspiration to my "Pleased (to meet you)" track, but it wasn't.



Santiago Uribe - Techno De Subsuelo

Back to the dancefloor now...but not only! We keep one foot in ambience and chill out, mind expanding music, but add on some more dancing vibes. My pick in there will be "Subagencia 245" for the serious atmosphere and repetitive bassline as we all love.
A superb album from Uruguay's Santiago Uribe, perfectly showcasing a large vision of Electronic Music.



Donato Dozzy / Eric Cloutier - Palinoia

My love and respect for Donato Dozzy is not a secret for anyone who read this post about Spazio Disponibile. The Space emperor striked again with music only he knows how to make, and which we'll certainly never have enough of, but this time teaming up with tireless DJ Eric Cloutier (who I discovered thanks to this everlasting Phonons podcast right here which I infinitely recommend).
No need to say more, you know what you get in there : DUB.


Dan Curtin - Spatial Relationships EP

The rhythm master himself. Do we really need to introduce this guy any more? In case we do read this. I myself just cannot stop and not buy a Dan Curtin Record when I have one in between my hands. His signature travels through time and space, evolves, but leaves the same taste in your mouth. Rhythm madness. That's all I can retain from this guy's records. All three tracks in here are my pick, like on many of his records. An absolute must buy.

Seuil - The Unreleased Volume 1

"On va pas se quitter comme ça hein?" Bah non! Pardon my french, but could I select 10 records in Synchrophone without having Seuil showcased in this post? Absolutely not! And here we'll go for speed (Shlooooow down Tommy) : Subaru Impreza!
That's how fast you'll put this one to your cart. B1's Grand Fond (Rue des Sables Edit) will also be a great record for dancefloors, but my heart goes to the sense of space and futuristic music A2 gives. Another bomb from the legend.


In case you'd be also a digital head like I am, they also have a pretty well filled Bandcamp with all them guys they distribute. Old and new, a good way to keep up with the stuff you may have missed, or the newer stuff you're too lazy to go get at the shop (even though you know they also send a lot through post, you have no excuse now).

I'll leave you to it now, with a little mix the guys from Apollonia recorded at the store, on wax only, of course, for Mixmag.




Until we meet again, I wish you well.



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