Record Of The Week / #8



Naff coming up stronger then ever. This is not yet released, but I cannot advise more to go reserve a copy of this soon to fly out angel record at KMA60, as it has become pretty much a habit for Naff to disappear from the shelves of every record store in which you find their records, if you're lucky enough to see them.

As usual, you're not gonna be bored with a single regular static tempo all along the record, and you are blessed with a wide enough range of madness in here, which starts off a riot track, perfectly representing the current frenzy regarding our need to dance.
"Der She Goes" installs a more mental-ish yet still very intense organic break beat banger, that will surely satisfy the regular clients of the Naff breakfast joint. Hypnotic vocals and psychedelic resonant quirps invite themselves all along the track, and you find yourself losing every chance to take a breath in.
But hold on, there's a time for everything, as "Splash On Mi" comes for you to take a break, or at least until you wonder what could possibly happen to you when those drums come in. Though the tempo is relaxed, the intensity of the music is nonetheless still there surrounding you, as the legendary heavy, ever growing interesting atmosphere is here to keep the logic of the signature sound of Naff relevant, like another page in an everlasting modern fairy tale.
We'll finish it off on some soft, cloud alike breaks. Sitting on a fluffy airy low pad, as this blueberry cotton candy heavy smoke all along the track keeps the Ariadne's thread's tension well tight for you to remember the way out of this comfortable mess.
This one of course, is my pick on the record. Had to be. Yet this time, I can say I wish it was lasting a little longer as 5 mins only for this type of music tends to leave the taste of one more in mouth, and can be a little furstrating. But this may only be myself always wanting to enjoy this music as time did not exist. The record is still a banger anyway. Pure bliss.

Where do you get this? Click the image. Something tells me you'll land at the right spot.



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