Record Of The Week / #6



OF COURSE this had to be reissued! I can almost remember the day I bought this record already being re-issued in 2007 (or maybe was it 2008?).
We're already been talking about Ron Trent quite a lot here in Listen Blog, and the importance, the impact, Prescription had on House Music is nowhere needed to be mentioned again. But this one... OOOOOOOOOH THIS ONE! Is the one you'll always see people going "oooooffffff" when you pull it out of the bag.

Of course it had to come out of Elevate Berlin's shelves! Where else would you find that? Ok, many stores may have it, but who else in the city is guarding the temple of House Music better then Cinthie? Not many.

So was I surprised to see this master piece laying on the shelves (virtually due to lockdown unfortunately) ? To be honest, I've been waiting for this one to be reissued for a long time as mine is starting to wear the scars of its victories on the danceflloor. Still could never get rid of it.
This is a piece that has been played out since 1994, and probably will be played up until we run out of material to produce turntables. Even when the world will be playing music mentally as apparently Bill Gates is getting ready to set a master chip up the butt of every World Citizen dead or alive (true story - but sad day to come for sure), i'm sure we'll find a way to play that shit or read the grooves with a microscope, and have grandma sing it to us as she suddenly jumps out of her wheelchair. Nice move grandma.

If you just started to discover what House Music is, you need to get this.
If you've been listening to House Music and accidentally happen to not own that record, you need to fix this.
If you're hungry, but the closest thing that is still open is an Italian restaurant and unfortunately your are allergic to gluten and it makes you poop all over the place, guess what, you need to get this too!

In other words, if you don't get that, you don't like House Music.

I'm outta here

Good luck!


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