Record Of The Week / #53


Alien Communication strikes again with an outstanding release from the great Modus for their fourth installment straight out of the ship.

Still as electrified and sci-fi oriented as the others but this time a little more minimalistic with a slightly darker side of the watery Detroit inspiration guiding the label since the beginning.

Space, is the first thing I noticed out of "Super Kamio". A very particular sense of space. Not that full on heavy cloud Dub inspired, but rather a warm analog and sharp feeling induced by the combination of this Jazz infused pad  and this resonating lead lead, all grounded with the help of a rather rough bass and a very very clever, yet simple breakbeat. Simplicity at its best, one of the hardest thing to achieve in Music.

A little more intense with "Breeze", yet bassline gives it a light feeling, or is it myself being influenced by the name of the music? I'm no musicologist wanker anyway. But seriously love the repetition of this track as it does not lose any interest all along though being fairly repetitive.

"Off The Grid" is your deep techno shot. Deeper and more intense then the rest of the EP, and a little heavier to my taste. This is old vibes with a new taste. As if you fell asleep with your chewing gum and woke up with its taste restored back to what i was when you (painfully) took it off the package. Happy days! You're on for another couple of hours with that piece of rubber! Actually maybe this lead got me thinking of rubber or is it the entire rhythm section. 
It's deep, and your entire body is bouncing up and down for something else but the extra few pounds your found out you did put on once you tried on that suit for Christmas Dinner (oh shit, I slipped again on the chocolate cake...) Well done Mr Michelin!

All in all, this music is deeply rooted in some of the strongest values Electronic Music has been able to build in the past, but still has this taste of "Future Music" you could feel when buying one of those records in the past. Good labels bring new stuff. Exceptional labels bring new stuff anchored in what the past is know and recognized for by paying tribute to the originators of its passion, and bringing it all forward.

Available in many, many stores, and available at Hardwax for the Berlin heads like I am.

Good job lads! Cannot wait to play that loud and clear !


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