Record Of The Week / #52


We already spoke about Skylax in a post dedicated to French Music, and once again the world known dedication of Joseph Hardrock Striker to the underground, and his vision of House Music stand firmly as a reminder of where it all came from, and as a perfect representation of the feeling of eternity that it has communicated through the years.

We couldn't wish for a better winter present to be honest, especially here in Berlin with the sky literally falling on our face almost every single day. Springtime on wax, Rhythm Of Paradise, swimming suit and House Music, you can count on me !

If it's warm, it's sexy. "Feel me" has all the best from Balearic disco without the worst. R.O.P genuinely deprived us from the seagulls fighting for their piece of sardine, or butter croissant left over from a kid by the sea side. More seriously (for as long as I can), this track combines a heavy machinery classic rhythm section, with soft and danceable melody for the pleasure of your ears and the ease of your heavy corona friendly mind.

Same lovely vibe but a little heavier here on "illusion". Something about these string pads has a taste of eternity. When personality meets softness, that's what you get. This sound never aged and never will, thanks to people like that putting the effort to still bring originality in a music we have been dancing onto for so many years but do not seem to get tired of. Real stuff. Not the kind of record you'll throw away out of fashion day after tomorrow.

Guess what? And here comes that magic rimshot reloading forever and ever this infinite groove. "I feel now" keeps the dream alive a little bit more gentle. I can see myself feeling like it's too good to leave the beach, but I must admit, i'm getting slightly off my tits right now after all these piña colada. They said they were homemade but that booze in there smells like hand sanitizer and lighter fluid. Maybe the barman is after my bum bum? I should consider going home right now!

Wait, i'm actually just right on time as here comes Desiderio Latino. I find myself dancing again, filling my shoes with this god damned sand. That bass got me kicking the floor, biting my lip and take off my shirt. Ya feckin lunatic Anthony, look at you now. Caught on a saturday night fever like John Travolta high on mushrooms (watchout for the colored floor).
I just couldn't help it, that enchanted flute, this bass and those pad simply got my head shpinning. Or was it the piña? Anyway, back to reality.

Visions come to my mind. I see the beauty of the world shining down on us all with this music. The kind of record to seal the deal with your future wife, as well as to get the weekend started (with anything else but those piña colada please). 

I can't say if those visions were out of Paradise, but I can say that Rhythm, must come from out of this planet. This gentleman is seriously deserving his name, or else should it be Eternal for this music is too good to age.

Available at Synchrophone, handled with love and passion to you worldwide (click the image you dummy!)

PS : No seagull was harmed during the writing of this post.
PS bis : Don't drink Piña Colada. It's bad.


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