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Bluetrain, another alias of Steve O'Sullivan (and Ben Sims apparently).
Of course this does smell like Steve O'Sullivan hundreds of miles away! Who else is capable of doing this kind of perfectly orchestrated Deep Heavy Lightness with that level of mastery?
Many fall into the same "genre" but mostly, no one can equal the level of his music under any of his aliases, at any time of his carreer.
There are several good musicians, but very few of those that really find their style with such accuracy, that they can stick to it for the rest of their life and still make it feel like something completely new every time they release something, and keep it as unforgetable as being able to repress, and re-release it up to taste.

Midnight creeper could be the perfect track to start off. Rhythm keeps you on track (to the metronome), while resonating FX and stabs keep your mind wondering what comes next.
So what comes next? Another track ! But you just realised this one passed as if it was 30 seconds long. Ladies and Gentlemen : you have just been introduced to hypnosis.

Where's Burt? Classic Dub Techno track you'll say? You're right ! So classic, that this guy almost invented it ! Simplicity and subtilty at its best. The kind of groove you could be searching for a lifetime but never grasp an idea of it. Elements questioning and answering themselves perfectly until the end of times. Thee spirit of dub, coupled to a rhytym programming that is more then genuinely programmed, surprising you here and there with very small changes and a come up that you never could have imagined seeing in there. 
As if you were in a train and woke up sitting with your ass half way into the fridge. What happened? Well, you tell me Sherlock Holmes!

Even deeper goes Echo Freak. As for Echo, Delay, Reverb, and all sorts of spacious FX being part of the foundations of Dub, nobody is surprised to see Steve turn on the machines to write an Ode to space. Tis all about the shpashe boi, aaaaaaaaaall about the shpaish.
It's fat, mesmerizing, and the sound of this screaming Echo makes me fall in love with it even more then I already was before, everytime it sings.

To sum it up, I will almost quote (almost, as the real words are out of my head, but i've no time in the world to go google them for three hours) Miles Davis who's thought about perfect music was closely related to Silence. He thought that when one can master Silence, one can master Music. Being able to leave to the music only what is relevant, and to leave to silence the rest of the space, is to give space a chance to wear its most elegant outfit for a lifetime of contemplation.

I do contemplate your Music Steve, and it looks like this isn't going to stop tomorrow.

This record is available (at the moment, don't know if it will be when you read this) at Yoyaku, and if you're not too fried with lockdown heavy drinking, yet you already did realize that clicking on the picture gets you directly to it, as I always do in these posts.
As always, our aim here in this blog, is to value Artists, and all the people who risk their bread on the table to bring you the best out of today's music and yesterday's classics. You buy records? Get'em in the shtore boi! It's worth it!



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