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Record of the week was picked at one of Berlin's Minimal temples : Black Round Twelve
In almost any city of the world, if you wanna find the real soul of the place you live in or are visiting, go east! And again this is proved by the almost hidden location yet extremely pleasant spot of Black Round Twelve. The shop is spacious, and far from Berlin's cliche of people giving you shit when you visit. A warm atmosphere, and a great selection of records, right by the train station.

So here, we selected a release from one of the city's greatest Minimal heads : Denis Kaznacheev
As showcased on Nerv Music multiple times, the sound of Denis is dense, sharp, and likes to play tricks to your mind and your feet, in a well thought of and in a skillfully way, but yet infinitely accessible. Now wait a second Antho will ya shtop using your complicated words you're fuckin with me brain now giving me a headache.
Chill out. You wanna know what you get outta that? Abstract Funk. That's what you're after here.
Like George Clinton being reincarnated into a young man with a deep desire to put one more brick to the great wall of music. If that was possible, then new Georges would be named Denis.

And as a treat for buying this magic piece of music, you also get Cesar Merveille
on the remix duty, providing a way heavier version for your long lasting dj sets or simply to keep you going when you flip the record.
Matheiu finishes you off with something in between the two in terms of weight, rather more on the Disco side then Funk in terms of groove and accent, to my taste. From this remix comes out the expression of infinity that Disco did translate in the seventies in my opinion, as this music seems to have the power to keep you going even after you decided to go home. With that in ears, you'll remember that the real club music was made to make nights to remember, everlasting let go of the hard weeks passed and ahead, a timeless and ageless pleasing treat with those you love. This track simply illustrate what it is to live with Passion.

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