Record Of The Week / #3



Deepness, here I come baby.
By the way, is that even a word in english or am I being a french moron? Whatever. Let's be imaginative.

This week, we have selected something out of KMA60's shelves. This store is candy for the eye, and addictive to the bone. Like any record store you'll say ? Well pretty much like any record store doing the thing as it should be done. And after being taught nothing else but a Music Lesson at Rex years ago by Dana Ruh, I could only be conquered when steppin in.

Here, we've actually selected a candy for the soul record. That kind of sweet timeless house vibe we never had enough and never will. 

It starts off with M2, a pure shot of sweetness. Real drum samples, pretty simple, but that pad...almost made my hot chocolat turn into... myself questioning if I didn't accidentally throw in chocolate instead of chocolate!. A pure shot of bliss.

Rivabella stays on the same ingredients, but with a different recipe (and a 909 hat, tis all about the shpishes boi). A bit more of a pushy one here, like ok we met once, we had a coffee, now let's have another date at a cocktail bar late at night. We're still not walking in together upstairs at kit kat but there's more chances we do so now i'd say. And when the bass comes in right after the break, you're definitely putting that drink on the counter.

Third, we go back to deep. We had a dance, now it's time to chill with ourselves, as these chords will help you out get closer (to yourself, or it me or is it warm in here?). ANYWAY ! We keep the groove going with those classic congas, and let our heads fly with those strings and effects.

It's a record you'll always play, in any situation, something you enjoy today, will enjoy tomorrow, and similar to what you enjoyed yesterday. Something to refer to when you don't really know where to start from, or how to finish with class. Lovely stuff. Thank you KMA60, and thank you Ex.society :)

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