Marla - 10 Pearls From Under The Sidewalk

If it keeps going like that I'll be late for work. Whatever, I'll still make some space for half an hour of Qi Gong as I'm going tonight for a long painful closing shift at Primitiv Bar, and for those who know how much of a morning person I am, they know how much serving drinks until 7 am can be a nightmare to me.

I simply cannot just stay home and not show up to Slow Life's record big sale at Marla, otherwise Fra is really gonna hate me so bad. I gotta go.
Get on my bike on the paved streets of my dear Neukölln neighborhood, and ride to Bergmann Kiez Kreuzberg. Fancy ride along Hasenheide, one of my favorite parks (I say that about every single park in this city), lock my bike and find myself in front of stairs that lead down to a warm and cosy underground store, where everyone is speaking in Spanish : my roots are on fire, and I'm already conquered.

As you could expect it from people around the Slow Life team, all them people in the shop are above the level of niceness human beings normally reach. And I start digging. Everything I love is in there... It's gonna be an absolute nightmare for my wallet this time, but it's for the good cause of keeping the flow of new records coming to those guys I love, and it's also a recycling process which i'm particularly a fan of.

What a pleasure to speak the language of my ancestors. I'm not speaking enough Spanish for sure, as I became shy of how it low it became over the years of not practicing, but fuck it : I'll give it a go and swallow my shame for probably inventing words that don't exist while still being understood.

The shop is small and reminds me of that little submarine I used to go to in Cannes. The lads are gems, I know I repeat myself but really I was simply in awe while walking out of the shop with not even a euro for a falafel, but hands full of stuff I still play.

This was 2 years ago, but the shop hasn't changed at all ever since. And you'll see that over time we still find something for our ears and hearts down the basement of Marla.





 DJ Duke - D2-D2

In case I never mentioned how much I am addicted to Henry Street, here's a start with the unbeatable DJ DUKE and his impeccable loopy groove.
I mean, when you see "Henry Street", does anything else needs to be added? The label speaks for itself. Almost not a single record is to throw away in there. Just pure valuable, timeless music as always.


Mor Elian ‎– Miracle Mind Program

This EP combines past, present, and future of what we consider the core of music here. A timeless intelligent version of what Dub, Minimal an Techno have to offer. Genuine entertaining rhythm, smart use of repetition and a touch of heart with beautiful melodies. I am conquered from first seconds of it. Fantastic job.




Tolga Fidan ‎– Island EP

ISLAND33's funk is my pick in there. Sorry, do we need to introduce Tolga Fidan? Unless you've been on lockdown for the last 20 years right after your first raves, you very probably heard about this man right there.
Here I'm loving the relationship between the gimmick and the bass. The perfect example of question / answer. Keeps you going all along the track before the keys and strings refresh it all. Work of art!




King Midas Sound, Fennesz ‎– Edition 1 (Instrumentals)

Every session there always has to be one of those spooky records to start a mix or to listen to in one of these sunday nights (see The Art Of Listening To Music )
Ninja Tune at its best, like always. Nothing else to expect. The sound of the UK mastodon well represented here in this rework album.
Heavy Ambient and Dub is what you go for here, to spice up your rhythm madness with some food for thoughts.
A far more detailed review is worth a read on Pitchfork


Random Logic ‎– Plendo EP

Little bit of math never killed anyone. Repetitive Techno to lose your mind to. As simple and efficient as I like it.
Abismo brings about the groove you'll want to give your set the waves they need to move the crowd.
Bomb EP kept carefully for the big dark floors. Superb!





Binh - Lost N Rex

Absolute dancefloor destroyer. Your head flips like a crepe on a frying pan.
Not that i'm going particularly for Binh's stuff all the time, but with coproducers as Evan Baggs and DJ Masda on this record, nothing could have gone wrong.
A double vinyl of pure entertainment directed to the dancefloor as a missile to its target. The combination of sexy house, driving basslines and repetition combined for your delight here on Berlin imprint Time Passage
Clearly soomething for everyone.




Ectomorph ‎– Stark EP 

Awaken the B-boy inside. I wish I had stuff like that to dance on when I was living and dying for the dance in my teen age years.
Absolutely timeless. If you wanna know what can stand the challenge of time, this is something for you.
Raw power. Simple and deadly. Cannot go pass this record if it's not already part of your collection.
Coming from the promised land, these guys participated to shape the sound of yesterday, today and tomorrow.
This is more than a must have.


Das Muster - Fehlersuche

Never too far from the water. This one if for the analog heads out there. If you like to hear the voltage singing in harmony, you just got served. Vorwerts for the madness, Aussichten if you miss Anne Clarke, Umwege for the deepness that never leaves your mind, and the rest of the record for the thirst. Full menu served with gloves and blazer by king Solar One Music for the first release of their Between Places label. A beautiful piece.


DJ Wada ‎– SaivoA13 / Flax

THIS is FUCKING CLASS. I particularly love those rides (you probably know it if you heard my music), and I could write an entire book about the lovely feeling I get with Flax. Diving in to Dj Wada's universe with no intermission. Those piano keys and jazz snares got my heart from first second, and represent really well his imprint.
Put on your suit, this record deserves respect.


Last but not least, those that took me to this shop

Primary Perception – Retrofitted Future Vol. 2

More rides please! More Jazz, more madness and infinite basslines. Pads that shine in the night and the sound of drum machines that make your dreams feel real. Another must from the Slow Life crew.
You get the entire spirit of the team and their party listening to the music they put out. 
Combining everything that went well in the golden age of electronic music on a record label. Putting my hands on one of these is an absolute treat. Makes you feel your day is worth the entire universe.


Pay a visit to the store, you won't regret a single second in there.

Hope you enjoyed!



As a farewell present, here's one of Laurine's mixes on the boat




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