Happy New Record Of The Week !


Beware ! The long living expected collectible item this week is not made of wax, but of another one of planet Earth worst friend, another smaller pocket version of platic fully magnetized with an audio signal designed to change your life forever.

No, I haven't gone back to live in Neukolln, and I actually cut my beard off so no one can call me hype but still, the object itself, which intends to translate the musical message sometimes fits perfectly a concept, and there is no need to be a Berlin hipster to understand that. So this week, I decided to change the groove like and Auto Reverse car stereo rather then a needle, by sharing this immensely life changing album, served to you on a cassette by the Spanish experimental duo Metametal which I have picked up on the shelves of an infinitely inspiring store called Staalplaat

My love for Ambient takes roots at the moment when I started to discover House Music and Techno, as well as Industrial, but my feelings of supreme Awe for experimental music definitely were influenced by concerts, and shows happening in Berlin. As for Ambient to me, being a kind of music that asks the listener to be part of it through interpretation and therefore active participation, Experimental is perceived by my own ears somehow a polar opposite. 
Although sometimes very similar, it is a different experience which you go for there as whenever you try to actually be part of it, to find words to say about what you hear or understand what is going on, you already lost the game, and the concert is already over since two days anyway... Experimental music, is trying to explain something, without knowing what it is at the beginning. If this is not the essence of creativity, then call me Pope, and let me wear that chastity belt untill i shit enough in my pands that the leather disintigrates.

Enough bullshit, let's talk about the album itself. One of the greatest picks in the genre for sometime on my end. Mystical, psychedelic at times, infinitely musical, avant gardiste (which in this genre is quite a challenge !), warm, cold, balanced, intriguing and highly appealing.
I am sincerely aiming not to say too much for you to feel like you have listened to it already (then you'd be busting my balls saying I told the end of the movie), but just enough to paint a picture that equals the height, the level of these two guys behind these magnetized tapes. 

Really I promise, it is not the 60-70% spanish blood in my veins speaking, but truely the deepest and most heartfelt part of what is left of my being after listening to this, that judged this release. A journey sitting down, wherever you are, fasten your seatbelt as our pari of Madrileños Captain of the ship will not be gentle on the takeoff.

A saxophone electrified by synthesizers, textures, and effects, guided by those two extraordinarily talented musicians, and the collection of words out of a day long conversation with all my selves up above, are definitely more then enough to prime you for the experience which you are about to witness when listening to this album.

I cannot thank the Universe enough for having these two guys meet and make music together. The world is safe. And as I am seriously dead out of energy after a day of work, I will leave you to it, leave you to your own decision to go to this store to spend a minimum of 10 bucks to get this shit in your pocket.

You'll thank me later.

With love



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