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Belleville, the heart and soul of Paris. At least for those that have the opportunity to really take the time to visit Paris outside of the tourist circle.
An old saying says that the real Paris happens after Ile Saint Louis, I'll say that Paris shines in East more generally.
Born in middle age, the village was supplying water, and ended up filling the stomachs with affordable wine and entertainment for the masses of all kinds, sitting till the dawn in cafes drinking and talking.

Of course that is where Yoyaku chose to stand, to supply music to dance on when your belly cannot stand anymore Jesus blood and body, right on time before sunday Mass.

A five minutes walk from Pyrénées metro station on line 11 and there you go : right in from of something that looks somewhere between a warehouse and a garage, holding One of the most successful and talented record store, distribution and booking agency of Paris for electronic music. The wholy grail you'll think.
But you haven't yet got in!

When you do, it's a tremendous selection of Minimal, House Music, Electro, intelligent Techno, Dub Techno, Disco and more that you find here waiting for you.

Plus they take care of distribution for more than 130 labels such as Discobar, High Ends, All Inn, Distrikt Paris or the fantastic newcomers Alien Communications.
That means you'll never miss one of these, unless you're too late and they got sold out.

As for myself, I went through the task of selecting 10 of their finest wax for your amusement and your delight




Alien Communications - Ozone 22 / Alien Communications

Inspired by the future, rooted in the past, a perfect balance between dancing beats and head in the clouds melodies. Reminding a lot of the great 90's simple and efficient yet nonetheless super complex and timeless music we used to get.Representing pretty well the vibe which we'll go for in this store.
The legal serve here is not even seen by the receiver. You get this right in your face, and probably have been searching for that everywhere if you heard it at a party.
You're very welcome.



Kosh - Virtual Reality / Distrikt Paris                                

I kept going with a bit of breaks and deepness. Never have enough of that.
Janeret here caught my ear. He actually did at first in 2015 when I heard the preview of his Finale sessions  which absolutely blew my head off to the ground.
The entire record is really cool, but still I'd naturally go for Janeret's remix, and B2 Shred it.
Perfect warm up track super rounded and fat, as needed when you wanna call them people to the floor, especially on the magical boat where the ceiling as low as needed for the people to hang on to, (if you know where i'm mentioning and miss this place right now too)


Shigeto - Shigeto / Vanity Press Records

There is no need for me to listen to Shigeto before buying. Absolutely no need. It would even mess up the surprise i'm giving to myself to be honest. Deeply felt in love with this artist from first time .
Another form of deepness which I particularly cherish. More instrumental, feels like wood and brown leather in a cigar salon. Only for the finest ears out there. A Real piece of beauty you must put your hands on.


Maayan Nidam - Hellium 002 / Hellium

After the BANG we got on the boat in february for Get Perlonized, I can't get away from Maayan's music.
Here, you're going for a fat beat and a serious atmosphere. Very serious. You are commanded to reach inside of your mind and operate a decent clean up. If repetition is the mother of skill, we're facing an absolute master here.
My heart goes to B1 for that fantastic atmosphere and the voyage it takes you to.
A Great, definition of Techno.



Gene On Earth - The Juggler / Limousine Dream

All about them bananas! Everybody knows my obsession for bananas, not a secret for anyone. As much as the genius from this fantastic dude is not anymore a secret. Beluga's mesmerizing arp at the beginning sets the mood for a track you simply cannot get away from. A dancefloor reloader, a funk machine of the 21st century. Junior Goblet is here for you to swing till ya die, and then Banana for dessert.


Christine Wodrascka, Thomas Romain - Amasmous (Ricardo Villalobos Remix) / Sonidos Del Arbol 

Wait a minute... WHAT???? This one is still available? Christine Wodrascka and her son Thomas Romain deliver one beautiful piece of experimental, remixed with heart and soul by the man Himself Ricardo Villalobos. I'm left speechless to see it still available, as I was when first taking the time to listen carefully to both sides of that record. Tartare Aller-retour. Two slaps in your face.
Probably one of my most cherished records from Ricardo.
I'm also glad they did put the full version on youtube for you to know what you're going for. 


Ema Remedi - Arcoíris / Sketches

Fantastic set of deep tracks served in there, as usual for Sketches.
You know what you get with these guys, for your highest level of satisfaction. Steady groove and hypnotizing vocals for Arcoíris, a beautiful pad comes to caress your hair and have you wait for the next human sized open air you'll be able to go to.
And then here comes the rain (again?)! Well not yet for us here in Ardeche, but still, I wouldn't say no to these percussions and silk given by the pad. Cabanne comes to finish it up with his master touch. Job done! In the cart!



Guillermo Jamas - Mazemerizing / Automatic Writing

More music from the land owners! These guys own the city. After signing the deadly various artist featuring Gab Jr., Sweely, and Gabriel Belabbas, to name a few, here they are again with Guillermo Jamas delivering some more. 
Planet Tourmaline will be my pick here. For the music, and for the stone which I particularly cherish in my scallop shell.
Fantastic endless house, light, refreshing and entertaining, just like the entire EP.


Ferro - Out Of Me / Fasten Musique

If you're looking for the BANG for the buck, here it is. Served as usual by Fasten, the japanese pushy minimal imprint.
Drareg is my pick here with its impecable rhythm section driving me nuts.
The kind of simple record which I simply cannot wait to put a needle on when need be. 
Sounding absolutely Ace!



The Mountain People - Mountain015

Last but not least, The Mountain People!

Is there REALLY any word to add to this? It's coming soon, and just like me, you'll be waiting for it to come out like a farmer waits for the rain in the summer.



I'll leave you here, with this wonderful section on their website filled with instores session better one than the other. In case you're missing a bit of music, we also referenced them in our Podcast & Mixes section.

Till we meet again Paris!

Much love!



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