Add To Cart : Record Shopping Week 50

For those who think i'm gone all digital, well nope. I am still defending the value of the only Black Gold that can take you further then your feet ever can.
Of course the money situation right now makes me buy less but lord... Nothing feels better to me then opening up fresh wax, or getting that record you've always wanted.

As you may have read, I am since about a year, I am putting my (hardly earned) cash where my word is, and I decided to avoid as much as possible buying on the internet to stores which might be cheaper but definitely do not give me the human contact, as well as the real record store feeling.
What is the Record Store experience exactly? Well, it involves a passionate store owner or employee with who you can easily connect (the opposite then these world famous full of shit stores you can name yourself), and who with time and practice will know your taste as well as how to challenge it.

Is that extention of service worth the extra 1-2 euros on the record and the time wasted in the train? Ask yourself.

 This time, Corona rules obliged me to opt for an online listening with a click and collect option, but I still found myself in a trap of course buying more then I could afford. What is money compared to happiness of coming home with things you'll play for the next 20 years? "Money didn't matter yesterday, and it sure don't matter tonight" (and pasta taste pretty good to me).

I was not looking for something in particular, and found myself getting stuff I had missed in the past. God bless the repress ! And knowing it's even more money for the labels, knowing that it keeps the industry alive makes me feel even better.

Enough of that shit talk Antho, let's listen to some music.



I sincerely hope you will excuse the passion from within speaking, but this is just like Champagne and Caviar. This is and will be one of the highest rated records in my collection.
To reach that level of depth in music has to come from the hand of eternity herself.

Deep Music here shows us again how much she is an ageless lady who won't need diamonds and pearls to let her beauty shine to the world. Excuse me again, but what a record...

Sincerely glad to see this being released again as I'm a particular fan of this particular kind of music which I have cherished in the past and will cherish in the future.

My pick goes goes to "Take it Easy" for the simplicity and class of this organ combined to these old school chords and strings. A combination which has proved its power in the past, and stands firmly defending its values for the futures.
I also really love the rhythm madness of Udon. This sounds like a pure understanding of the detroit rough focus on the rhythm that is so characteristic of (the real) Deep House from the Motorcity.

Thank god they found some deadstock to send over to the world. Thank you Soup-O-Disk !

This is sharp, class, soothing and eternal. Simple as that. Grab it while it's on the shelves!



We stay in depth of music, with a bit more groove and intensity this time.
St Joseph here in command of your need to practice your footwork.

St. Joseph, a man of depth of spirit which you can already imagine just by listening to his wonderfully well produced music. It's rough on the edges, which makes it real and far away from over polished music we have been used to in Electronic Music in the last 20 years mostly.
It's warm, comes from the guts of Soul Music, the heart of Funk, and the breath of hip hop.
You find it all in there just by listening to the record entirely.

This is all what have inspirted David Joseph all along his carreer of producer, the warmth an the truth of Black Music shines through this record as the sun shines through the windows of our houses, as music shines through our soul when we get to have a copy of this.

Legendary release ! Real deal !


Yes, I bought a Unison wax at Black Round Twelve when on my way to Elevate. I tend to laugh about myself those days when I barely see my face in the mirror.

Straight up, round and steady House Music here. Not that we would expect something else from Unison Wax or Diego Krause 
Mogul is an absolute groove reloader. Recharge the battery, clean the windshield of all sorts of flies and moskitos and get back on the saddle for another 4 hours ride.
Reminds me how much I love Berlin parties for being able to hear this kind of stuff at anytime day or night.

Citizen brings in a little chill, pretty handy in summer time (you know, this thing that was completely taken away from us lately). Purest and finest deep house here, that makes the mind dream, and keeps the feet solid on the floor.

it's a strike Boss ! 



This sounds very familiar to me although i have pain to put a name on it.
"The name that can be named, is not the eternal name", says Lao Tseu. 

And as for music to have existed before words, my job here I assume is infinitely as useless as my opinion about it in order to give this record the space it needs in our hearts.

Still, this one needs to be heard and seen even though the idea of someone not putting his name on a record is for it to stand by itself and for us to listen to the music for what it is instead of from who it comes from. The Idea of underground right? Music first.

Some record stores nowadays still work hard to bring us people making music for the music itself, while others keep complaining and others even, pretend to defend the underground while not listening to new music unless it comes from their friend. What's a world you'll say right, if you don't have 30 second to listen to something for the better or for the worst. "It's nothing" as Ella Fitzgerald would say.

To you who made that record for the purpose of making a record, I say thank you, and to you who picked it up for your shop, I say thank you.



This one was out last year (yes, it's one of those "i'm catching up" days) and as seeing how the repress is going, we can pretty much say it will age as wine.

"That's Right" is my pick in there.
Impecable house bomb. Dancing on the string in between Minimal and House Music. Still keeping enough space for your mind to drift. Arapu got my heart there with simplicity and efficiency.
This one can go into every sets.

The rest of the EP is a classic Romanian Minimal bag of goodness too, but nothing can possibly equal "That's Right" to me. The power of a huge track in an EP you'll say.
Not a bother, as this EP will surely unfold another side of the coin at the time desired, and this is mostly what I love about records.

Buying one for a specific track and completely forgetting about the rest keeps interest eternally and surprises you when you are least expecting it. For those only buying music if they ever like the entire EP this is a message for you : GET A LIFE!



S3A aka Sampling As An Art. This man's music reminds me of exactly 7 years ago when first put a foot down at Concrete. I was welcoming myself in due form to an exciting 3 years in Paris.

Same recipe, different plate, that's what I feel everytime I buy an S3A record but lord how much can you make it special every single record. You must be some kind of a master of ceramics.
This music is indeed very close to my MPC friendly musical background and the more I get stuff like that, the better it gets to my ears.

Ill Heritage gets you going with House Music, grounding your feet and lifting up those cheeks muscles to make you smile through the day, the night, the morning and the day after! Following up,Yellow, a more sci-fi interpretation of that soulful muscular language, and those snares are not done yet with your mind. They'll make you forget about these crazy times we live in. Is this a blink to Yellow Magic Orchestra?
Second hit keeps the pressure on, and finally it's whiskey time in the sofa. Let me pull my bottle of Cragganmore and treat myself with that marvelous end of a record.

803 Crystal Grooves simply does not disappoint.


What??? Diego ??? AGAIN???
I tend to have this sort of sickness of focus sometimes, that makes me buy several things from the same artist the same day (but in 2 different stores this time)

On this Syncopat EP, we eperience a more stripped out version of Diego, with that same rock steady feeling he knows how to channel to his music.
Original Syncopat is funk for your feet. If repetition is the mother of skill then prepare to meet the mistress here, as this funk it hitting the fan so much you'll need to think about painting your living room for new year's resolution.
Fabe's Remix chills it out a little more as we're still catching our breath from the previous track. But watchout, steady rhythm is still a topic to mention here, in case you were expecting ambiant or "ethnic" (brrrrrrrr i'm shaky just to say the word).
Listening to the third one at the store, I made a mental note of a "space" track, without even looking at the title but what is it exactly ? Space Jam ! There you go. My ear, perceives there a far influence from French stuff (I HAVE to bring the word FRENCH sorry) like old Manoo tracks. Maybe the percs, maybe the bass make me feel like that (Anyway antho who the fuck cares?)
What better then more funk, could bring us back to Earth? What could ground our feet better then that swing? Perimeter is here to bring us back to reality. Stretch your legs, yawn a little, open your eyes (or maybe the other way around as you might bite your fingers on the way).
Welcome back to you !


My first pick that day at the store. Simply felt in love with this label. Deviant Episode has enough groove to keep you grounded, but leaves space enough for your mind to wander. A little bit like how I was describing Dub Techno you'll say? Not quite as much. If you're doing Qi Gong on that you might find yourself confusing water and vodka at the end of your session.

Love Ain't A Choice is sweetness on wax. Far from being into this cliché up in the air type of house, Eplorer Of The Human Kind combines here drive, personality, space and originality with strong house music values, and that old school feeling that I cherish like many of us.

Echopolis : deeper into the sound, with even more personality to my taste. Ageless (yes, like most of the stuff I select as I hate music which is programmed to die within two years). That shaker brings a disco / almost balearic feeling which right now, in times when I really need holidays, is fairly appreciated.

Let's now get it going with Echopolis 2 : we get on the dancing shoes, pour ourselves a cocktail out of that shaker we never used just to make sure painting the kitchen in white last week was a good idea.
Those keys bring space to the mind. Lovely feeling to have when a driving rhythm is contrasted with light refreshing sounds like that. That record a strike so far.

Human After All. Nothing to do with this electronic band which I might be the only one not to adore and pray every night before I go to bed. Nope. Human condition explained in music and with dancing shoes still on please. You're not at your mam's sunday dinner. Time for you to relieve your pressure, let your mind escape with this.

This stuff will stay in my bag for a long time for sure.


Kids, take a sit, Professor Gummihz will arrive shortly to teach you majestically a lesson of
Warm Groove with organic minimal beats.

Lesson number 1 : Aerini. Imagine an infinite bouncing rubber ball, swinging in the room non stop (dear lord, never give that to my nephew Swan for the sake of my sister's mental health). 
Effortlessly going up and down using the forces of nature as this tiny piece of rubber found the right amount of force to be applied from start to be regenerated by its own movement. Like the butter tartine taped on the back of the cat, exactly! I'll never stop boucing on that either.

Lesson number 2 : little heavier to keep the feet on the floor, that clap and that swing will take care of your continuous energy in beginning, middle and end of the night.
A very good DJ, a friend of mine, used to say if you wanna get the people together, use a vocal. Anything with a voice (no no no not necessarily screaming drama Philly disco sound, no need for these wind sections here). We've pretty much got a recipe for success with very few elements and a decent amount of repetition to make you go round and round (...and round?)

Been a fan of this guy for a long time and it looks like this is nowhere near the end. Fantastic EP!


Ok I'll confess : I'm dying for his music. Like many of us. Love him or hate him (and please if you do get away from me now).

It's a muscle up Ricardo Villalobos that we find on this fantastic release for Pressure Traxx.
In case it's one of those days you don't feel like moving from your bed, this will have the effect of a size 10 up your butt.
The power of this track does not seem to want to stop. It's endless but keeps building interest. 
12 minutes of the man jamming with this theme that will get into your head like your dad got into your mum to make you happen to listen to this record.

If you need to play security, then play security with balls and attitude. Yes, not only Jeff Mills can use the 909 like a master drummer. Maybe this is what they have in common (according to that video everyone saw of Ricardo playing percussions).

What more could we possibly say? Anybody has a word or is everyone's mind already gone loopey?
Guess it's time for me to shut up and put that record again to try to understand what in the world is going on in there.


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