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If like us, you feel that record digging happens everywhere else but on the web, this is a page for you.
Selected picks out of our favourite record stores.
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Record Of The Week / #8


Naff coming up stronger then ever. This is not yet released, but I cannot advise more to go reserve a copy of this soon to fly out angel record at KMA60, as…

Record Of The Week / #7

Yes, Synchrofoof again. When you love, you come back. Physically, or virtually.
This week's record has something special as coming from a label of which I wrote a few months ago, which is owned by a rare Man of Faith…

Record Of The Week / #5




Record of the week was picked at one of Berlin's Minimal temples : Black Round Twelve
In almost any city of the world, if you wanna find the real soul…

Record Of The Week / #4




Bluetrain, another alias of Steve O'Sullivan (and Ben Sims apparently).
Of course this does smell like Steve O'Sullivan hundreds of miles away! Who else is capable of doing this kind of perfectly orchestrated…

Record Of The Week / #3



Deepness, here I come baby.
By the way, is that even a word in english or am I being a french moron? Whatever. Let's be imaginative.

This week, we have selected something out of KMA60's…

Record Of The Week / #2


J.E.D. TAPE - J.E.D. TAPE 01

Bikini Waxx Records is the place where we picked up the Record, on this second set of days layed out and organized with names, just in case you have been up in your PJ…

Happy New Record Of The Week !


Beware ! The long living expected collectible item this week is not made of wax, but of another one of planet Earth worst friend, another smaller pocket version of platic fully magnetized with an audio signal…

Record Of The Week / #53


Alien Communication strikes again with an outstanding release from the great Modus for their fourth installment straight out of the ship.

Still as electrified and sci-fi oriented as the others but this time a little more…

Add To Cart : Record Shopping Week 50

For those who think i'm gone all digital, well nope. I am still defending the value of the only Black Gold that can take you further then your feet ever can.
Of course the money situation right now makes me…

10 Records Selected With Care At Synchrophone



Synchrophone : Home for the Sound of Paris. If you wanna know what the original Soundtrack of the city in terms of House Music and Techno is, this is a shop you must visit. After around 15 years of heavy…

Yoyaku - 10 records not to miss in Belleville


FEEL 220520


Belleville, the heart and soul of Paris. At least for those that have the opportunity to really take the time to visit Paris outside of the tourist circle.
An old saying says that the real Paris happens after…

10 Bangs from Hardwax


Up the stairs, along the expression of the people's appropriation of space (which some will call "graffiti"), you climb up to what is one of Berlin's real temple of Techno, where Mark Ernestus and his pals have set up…