Out of a yet primitive desire to express myself, further than just making music and mixing tunes, I decided in December 2019 to set up a polyvalent structure that would gather different types of creative initiatives involved in Electronic Music, with the great help of my sister Valerie. 

With simplicity and minimalism for watchwords, we decided to go deeper into the realm of House Music and Techno through entities that first will release music to the world, and second, share the works of musicians we love, as physical or digital releases. 

We believe in the Artist as the center of creation, not the style of music and certainly not the fame that it drives around itself, and we wanna keep our focus on shining the light on what we love, rather than on what works, even if the two are definitely not an impossible match. 

For the matter of promoting the works of all these people, we use blogging (where we select vinyl records and digital releases from record stores, and Bandcamp exclusively), we buy records, and we have as a project to organize ecologically responsible events, where Humans connect with Nature and the deepest parts of themselves. Far away from the exhausting touring practice Electronic Music suffers from and the regularity which leads our music to become generic and denied of interest. 
Therefore we will limit the number of our events to a maximum of once every three month. 

We will finance the record producing activity through various different ways, allowing us not to rely only on selling records to cover their own costs, aiming to release the music that we believe in versus the music that works and sells out automatically . These ways include Affiliation with products we use, donations, and music courses on Udemy. 

Through all these words, we hope you understand our deepest will to bring you what we think is best from ourselves, as much as from the other beautiful creative human beings, our planet is populated with. 

With all our love and passion, we thank you for visiting us and taking the time to get to know ourselves and our purpose better. 

With love